In the words of LIVFund Scholarship applicant Kayla Oliver, studying abroad in Costa Rica means…

Culture. The people, the places, the food – all things unknown to me, but that I cannot wait to experience.

Opportunity. I had never dreamed of traveling, this is a chance of a lifetime, and one that will help me grow as a person.

Splendor. The beauty in the country and within the peoples’ hearts. There is so much to discover.

Teachings. Lessons to be learned about language…and life.

Alajela. The exciting town I will hopefully get the chance to stay in this summer.

Rich. In history, language, and culture.

Indigenous. A chance to visit an indigenous reservation in Costa Rica, a unique, enlightening experience.

Coexist. A chance to live with a Costa Rican host family and become enveloped in the culture.