Ian is the first intern to receive a LIVFund Scholarship to fund his abroad program. A student at University College Cork (UCC) in Ireland, he is traveling to Bolivia to do an internship with Proyecto Horizonte.

Not only is Ian a pioneer for LIVFund, he is also a pioneer at his home university. Determined to find a program that would allow him to complete the requirements for his degree in International Development and Food Policy and also give him the opportunity to further explore his interests in microfinance and business development, Ian facilitated the formation of a new partnership between UCC and Proyecto Horizonte. 

As Ian says, “I am a firm believer in travel as a way to grow and develop as a person … I will be travelling alone, and the way I see it, the further you push yourself outside your comfort zone, the harder you will work to preform.” We couldn’t agree more!

Stay tuned for more on Ian’s solo adventures in Bolivia.