Keen on fútbol?

Well, there is perhaps no better place in the world than Latin America to pursue your passion for this sport. Fútbol breathes life into Latin American culture like nothing else. In Buenos Aires, for instance, ¿Sos hincha de Boca o River? is as common a question as what do you do? Or, where do you work? Yes, it’s all about fútbol here.

Fortunately, an organization called Soccer Without Borders is here to help you share your love for fútbol with underprivileged kids in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, while at the same time learning what makes this sport so special to people in Latin America.

Alex, a Soccer Without Borders volunteer, just submitted her application for the LIVFund Scholarship and sent along this photo from Granada, Nicaragua.

Do you want to experience fútbol in Latin America too? Contact our amigos at Soccer Without Borders, and then apply for a LIVFund Scholarship for a chance to win $500 to cover the costs of volunteering abroad. Vamos!