Care about Education? Give a helping hand in a coastal town in Mexico!

Do you have a burning desire to hit the road, head to a sunny place by the sea and do work that really makes a difference? Are you one of the many who feel the need to learn a second language fluently to improve your job marketability? If so, you may be the perfect volunteer for La Catalina Educational Foundation, a small non-profit located in La Manzanilla, on Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast.

Volunteers who have a minimum 4-year college degree come and stay for between 3 and 12 months. They work in the public schools teaching English classes and running afterschool programs for youth in the Foundation’s new Educational Center – a safe place for kids to come and learn all kinds of new things – arts and crafts, knitting, guitar and more!


La Catalina Educational Foundation is an attractive NGO for volunteers as there is no charge for the volunteer program and volunteers receive housing and free Spanish classes at sister organization La Catalina Natural Language School.

For more information on volunteering at La Catalina Educational Foundation, please visit

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