Lillie is going to Lima, Peru to study Spanish and volunteer in local medical facilities. More specifically, she will be roaming the halls as a “clown doctor”.

Lillie believes that “a healthier environment for patients, families and hospital staff can be enabled by friendship, fun and play.” She will begin her “humanitarian clowning” adventure in December – but this won’t be her first time strapping on a squeaky little bola roja. As it turns out, Lillie is quite the clown act.

“I have the advantage of having volunteered with Gesundheit! Institute for the past eight years as a humanitarian clown and international trip organizer. I went on my first clown trip when I was 17. I had never “clowned” before. I asked Patch Adams, founder of Gesundheit! Institute, “What do I do?”. He had my answer, “Go love ‘em.” After that first trip, I knew I wanted to understand, experience and practice the art and science of care in such a way that allows for the atmosphere, no matter how dark or contaminated, to breathe with a sense of hope and love and humanity (and fun!). Bola Roja is our sister organization in Lima.”

Happy clowning, Lillie! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

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